Julian Casablancas voices off on The Strokes

Recently, Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas sat down with the Boston Hearld (via TFB) to discuss his recently released solo debut and his band’s impending return. When it came to the latter, things got particularly interesting…

BH: After you’re done with your solo work, is there a Strokes record ready to work on?

JC: Yeah, they’re probably in the studio now. We have a bunch of songs that we’re kind of remembering.

BH: So, your relationship is good?

JC: Define good.

BH: Can you relate to each other?

JC: Define relate to each other.

BH: Can you discuss things in a responsible, adult way and come to decisions?

JC: Easily.

BH: It doesn’t mean you have to hang with them.

JC: I mean, we get along fine. It’s just there are deeper things.

BH: When you’re younger, sometimes your band mates are like brothers. As you get older, you have your own families.

JC: I think my problem is I wanted it to (be like family) and then I found people didn’t act like brothers. But I don’t want to say something in an interview and then mess up my personal relationship with anyone.

Well, this should be fun. Any takers on The Strokes lasting past September?


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