Note: Festival Outlook lineup structure change

In an effort to ensure complete accuracy and in hopes of adhering to the suggestions of our readership, we have decided to change the setup of the Festival Outlook structure.

Effective immediately, we will be classifying acts in the following way:

  • Confirmed = Appearance has been confirmed specifically by either band and/or festival’s respective website.
  • Expected = Appearance has been indicated by CoS, independent sources, specific publications, tour dates, etc.
  • Rumored = Appearance has been rumored by CoS, independent sources, specific publication, tour dates, etc.

We will continue to include the appropriate link and provide rational for newly updated artists on the respective Festival Outlook page.

Of course, once a music festival makes an initial or official lineup announcement, we will list the acts included as “Official.” We will be updating the pages, as appropriate in the days ahead. What’s more, we will be introducing an all new Festival Outlook in the weeks ahead.

If you have any other suggestions, please send us an email. Thanks!


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