Snoop Dogg drops even More Malice this March

In light of the recent success of 2009’s Malice n Wonderland, the West Coast’s very own D-O-GG recently announced the release of his follow-up CD/DVD, set for release on March 23rd. It’s called More Malice: Deluxe Album and Movie. Snoop Dogg’s new album will feature five previously released songs (from Malice n Wonderland), along with five brand new songs, and two stellar remixes. And if you thought that was exciting, wait till you watch its accompanying never-before-seen short film, entitled Malice N Wonderland: The Movie featuring the likes of Jamie Foxx, Xzibit, Nipsey Hussle, and more!

Featuring Snoop himself in the film’s title role, we can only assume Malice n Wonderland: The Movie will bring as many laughs and eye rolls as Hood of Horror did back in ’06. Packed with action and violence, the 40 minute or so long film tells the story of the fictional superhero “Malice” (played by Snoop) attempting to restore order and peace whilst espousing honor and integrity in the crime-ridden Wonderland. As for the music, Snoop Dogg serves up some fresh remixes alongside Jay-Z, Soulja Boy and Bun B for fan favorites “Pronto” and “I Wanna Rock” from More Malice, the latter of which will be available via iTunes as of January 26th.

When asked about the album, Snoop remarked, “The response to Malice n Wonderland has been so incredible that I had to drop another banger for the fans. They have been asking for more so I’m giving them More Malice! I also wanted everyone to get something special so we are adding a mini-movie to the mix with me in the starring role.  My homie Jamie Foxx came through to be a part of it as well — between the action and the storyline, people are in for a big surprise”. You got that right, Snoop!

More Malice (while perhaps not Academy material) is guaranteed to wow audiences, because, honestly, when it comes to crime fighting there’s just no one out there who’s more suited to getting down n’ dirty with the bad guys than the D-O-GG. Let’s just hope he passed on the tights.

More Malice Tracklist:
01. I Wanna Rock (The Kings G-Mix Featuring Jay-Z)
02. Protocal
03. So Gangsta (Featuring Butch Cassidy)
04. Upside Down (Featuring Nipsey Hussle and Problem)
05. House Shoes
06. That Tree (Featuring Kid Cudi)
07. Different Languages (Featuring Jazmine Sullivan)
08. Pronto (G-Mix Featuring Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em and Bun B)
09. Luv Drunk (Featuring The Dream)
10. You’re Gonna Love Me (Featuring Mac Lucci)
11. 2 Minute Warning
12. 1800 (Featuring Lil Jon)


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