Check Out: …soihadto… – “The moon under which we met” (CoS Premiere)

Creating a great song is like baking a cake; you need all the right ingredients in perfect balance or otherwise it is unpleasing to the pallet. And if anyone knows that poorly conceived metaphor it has to be Duff Goldman. More famously known as the owner of Charm City Cakes and star of Ace of Cakes, Goldman is slinging the bass for the Maryland experimental indie band …soihadto…. Need to know what a chef sounds like when he takes off the apron and picks up an axe? Well, we’re offering up a tasty slice of the band’s progressive sound with a helping of “The moon under which we met”.

While the idea of Goldman singing makes us giddy with joy, the band is all about kicking out the jams. And with this track in particular, they’ve pounded out something that is bluesy and rigid with structure and practice with the vibe and energy of a drunken bar band. Every sound and instrument goes full force, with minor tweaks and effects to build it up. What starts slow and lonely with a stripped guitar and a steady drum beat builds into something with tons of kinetic energy behind. The song never reaches a huge crescendo, choosing to instead plow along at a hazy speed once it reaches a point where everything blends together in a meld of rock and ambiance and sheer funk-tacular head nodding. This beats a castle-shaped cake any day of the week.

For more info on …soihadto…, including a list of shows, visit its official MySpace. The band’s debut album, Adventure Stories (Not Based on Fact?), is out now via Grape Juice Records.

Check Out:
“The moon under which we met”


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