Check Out: The Canon Logic – “Nights At Armour Mansion” (CoS Premiere)

If we presented to you The Canon Logic and simply told you, as so eloquently put by SceneWave, they were like “The Killers combined with upbeat Beach Boys like vocal harmonies and sing-it-out-loud choruses”, we’re almost sure that’d be enough for you to run out and eat up everything they’ve got to offer musically. Sadly, that alone wouldn’t be doing them and their song “Nights At Armour Mansion” justice.

The five-piece band from Brooklyn undoubtedly have taken their cues from Las Vegas’ The Killers. “Nights At Armour Mansion” finds lead singer Tim Kiely syncing up with that monotone vocal vibe that offers explosions of sound that are equally dynamic and tense from a plethora of feelings and experiences. And while the track swings and moves like some amalgamated indie dance song, with its big guitars that yawn out into that wide open sky and a heavy dose of big thudding drums, it’s a track that is both lyrically and contextually beyond any simplified rhythm you’d find on a dance floor without losing the booty-shaking circa 1986 energy.

If that’s not enough, you can also download their previously released first single “Avenue of Criminals” here. The band’s debut album, FM Arcade, is available March 9th through its official site.

Check Out:
“Night At Armour Mansion”

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