Doves release best-of compilation, new songs

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A year after the release of the critically-acclaimed Kingdom of Rust, Doves (or Heavenly Recordings) have decided to release a career-spanning “best of” compilation. Out April 6th, the set is called The Places Between: The Best of Doves, and it will feature some of the more memorable stuff from each of their four albums, along with some extra goodies. Hard to believe Doves have been around 12 years, right?i

Those 12 years have brought us four pretty damn good albums, but if you’re not up for checking out the whole discography, this should be good for catching up. There are two versions of the compilation, single-disc and multi-disc. The one-disc version has the hits and some other strong choices like “Sea Song” and a new song — the single “Andalucia”. Two other new tracks come with the multi-disc version: “Blue Water” and “Drifter”, which features Cherry Ghost frontman Simon Aldred. The rest of the second disc is made up of b-sides, rarities and alternate versions. Not too shabby….

But there’s more! Disc three has 13 music videos to round off the compilation nicely. And if this really isn’t enough, there’s a free download of Chris Watson’s remix of “Birds Flew Backwards” over at Doves’ MySpace. There, you have to be excited now. Of course, some touring would be the icing on the cake — and they’re off to a decent start. Jimi and the Williams brothers will be appearing at RockNess and Isle of Wight, along with a gig at Thetford Forest sandwiched in between. Keep it up, boys.

The Places Between: The Best of Doves Tracklist:

Disc 1:
01. There Goes the Fear
02. Black and White Town
03. Snowden
04. Here it Comes
05. Words
6. Kingdom of Rust
7. Sea Song
8. Pounding
9. 10:03
10. Catch the Sun
11. Jetstream
12. The Man Who Told Everything (Summer Version)
13. Andalucia
14. Caught by the River
15. The Cedar Room

Disc 2:
1. Blue Water
2. Eleven Miles Out
3. Rise
4. Darker
5. Push Me On
6. Willow’s Song (Bury Version)
7. Valley
8. Northenden
9. M62 Song
10. Drifter
11. Friday’s Dust (Capitol Tower Session)
12. Almost Forgot Myself (Demo)
13. Your Shadow Lay Across My Life
14. The Last Son
15. The Sulphur Man
16. At the Tower (Instrumental Edit)
17. Reprise
18. Ambition
19. Firesuite (Noise Version)

Disc 3 (DVD):
The Cedar Room
Sea Song
Here it Comes
Catch the Sun
Man Who Told Everything
There Goes the Fear
Caught by the River
Black and White Town (Director’s Cut)
Snowden (Live Edit)
Sky Starts Falling
Kingdom of Rust
Winter Hill

Doves 2010 Tour Dates:
06/11 – Newport, UK @ Isle of Wight
06/12 – Suffolk, UK @ Thetford Forest
06/13 – Dores, UK @ RockNess

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