Facebook to offer music service?

Since Facebook pretty much runs every other aspect of your life — academically, socially, romantically and so on, it only makes sense that the social networking giant would want to have a stake what music you listen to and how you go about listening to it. Of course, the road to said app, if it does exist, is not a linear path by any stretch of the imagination.

The Washington Post’s tech blog TechCrunch first broke that users could edit their applications and add not just a third-party option but something from Facebook.com/music. While that has been taken down by the site since the Post’s publishing of the entry, it still raises some questions. The site’s original explanation was that it must have been an error that is “showing some Pages apps on the editapps.php page”. They also offered up that the site is linked to a defunct project with SXSW a few years back. But even with a spokesperson’s vehement denial of the site, author Jason Kincaid doesn’t seem so convinced.

“The Pages music player application has a different Application ID than this new one does,” Kincaid wrote. “It doesn’t look like they’re the same thing.”

In the past, the site has tried working with multiple companies to create a streaming music service, but most of those didn’t pan out. Of course, it’s interesting to note that what Facebook currently does offer, iLike, was recently purchased by rivals MySpace, so perhaps a change may be in order so Facebook doesn’t have to turn to its biggest competitor to offer its users some sweet tunes.

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