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Try to remember the first time you listened to Sigur Rós, and how your ears perked up in the enjoyable deciphering of Jónsi Birgisson’s lyrics. Boomsnake delivers the same distant essence (in English), with a knack for experimentation and repetition of the unknown.

Gabriel Rodriguez, former member of Say Anything and Weatherbox, created Boomsnake in 2007 as an attempt to break away from his sassy punk rock roots. In the past two years, Rodriguez and company have managed to record both Give and Take and Vitamins, exhibiting the passion for his new experiment. Encompassing indie-rock sound with looping harmonies and the occasional clap track, the album showcases the various talents of Rodriguez and crew. The overall tone is acoustic, but doesn’t shy away from the minimalist sound. Give and Take offers solace from the typical abyss of whiny male leads, punchy electric guitar, and too much reverb.

I recently had the privilege of seeing Boomsnake at the Che Cafe, an intimate venue tucked away in the UC San Diego campus. With only a couple dozen listeners in the audience, the vibe remained at a constant high throughout the entire set and quickly became one of my favorite concert experiences.

Boomsnake, along with their friends from Gnome Records, gives hope to the dwindling San Diego music scene. Between coffee-shop concerts and record giveaways, it’s good to see homegrown talent give back to the community, while still making damn good music.

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