Previously banned Rammstein single to be released in U.S.

What if I were to tell you that Europeans are going soft and that Americans are becoming more tolerant of vulgarity in their everyday lives? The latter is apparent in shows like South Park, namely the groundbreaking episode “It Hits the Fan” where the word “shit” is spoken and tallied 162 times. To say Europeans are going soft though just wouldn’t fit the bill. In a country where pornography can be seen alongside the evening news, the level of tolerance in German culture, as well as in Germany’s neighboring countries, is far more mature than that of the United States. So why is Rammstein’s newest single, “Ich Tu Dir Weh”, being sold in the U.S. when it was previously banned in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland?

Perhaps the language barrier isn’t actually barring anything in the English-speaking world, but it is what’s putting the single on our shelves, well, digital shelves. The U.S.’s approach of slapping a Parental Advisory sticker on an album always seemed to be formulaic: 1 album + the 7 dirty words “x” number of times =  1 Parental Advisory sticker for explicit lyrics. Translate the lyrics of “Ich Tu Dir Weh” (“I Want To Hurt You”) to English and you won’t find one of the seven dirty words, just a lot of suggestive language.

In Rammstein’s homeland, the German Federal Office for the Examination of Media Harmful to Young People believed the song, and subsequently its containing LP, to be too offensive, thus preventing the album from being openly displayed or sold to minors. The organization wasn’t too fond of the album’s first single, “Pussy”, either. 

That said, “Ich Tu Dir Weh” will be released in the U.S, exclusively through iTunes, on February 9th. It contains the original mix of the song from the band’s sixth LP, Liebe Ist Für Alle Da. Also included on the single are two remixes of the title track and a pair of other rehashes from the album. A digital artwork booklet will accompany the release.

Sales-wise, Rammstein is doing as well as they’ve ever done in the Unites States. Liebe Ist Für Alle Da entered the U.S. Billboard charts at #13, the highest chart entry ever for the band in the land of Coca-Cola and Wonderbras. What’s more, as confirmed recently by drummer Cristoph Schneider, the band plans to tour the U.S. this fall. Rock on Rammstein! Now if you could only find a way to get your flamethrowers stateside!

Ich Tu Dir Weh Tracklist:
01. Ich Tu Dir Weh
02. Pussy (Scooter Remix)
03. Rammlied (Devin Townsend Remix)
04. Ich Tu Dir Weh (Smallboy Remix)
05. Ich Tu Dir Weh (F*kkk Off Mix)


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