Sebastian Bach saves Axl Rose!

Love hurts? Literally. Recently at a private Valentine’s Day concert, a rabid fan with a knife attempted to put an end to Guns N’ Roses, forever. Thankfully, the crisis was averted when ex-Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach came to the rescue and tackled the assailant. The famous rock n’ rollers were scheduled to perform their “Nur Khan’s Rose Bar Sessions” at Gramercy Park Hotel this past Sunday, and thanks to Bach, the show proved more than a success.

The story, per NY Post, goes that a currently unidentified male individual was seen walking into the packed show where he reportedly casually pulled out what appeared to be a switchblade. Bach, who just happened to be conveniently standing by the door, immediately got the stranger thrown out and the show went on as planned.

According to a witness report, “The man walked in while Guns N’ Roses was onstage and pulled out a knife and flicked the blade out. Sebastian, who was standing on a banquette said: ‘Nobody is getting anywhere near my man Axl Rose with a knife,’ and went after him. Security then immediately threw him out. The man appeared to be drunk. It was dealt with so quickly that none of the other guests or the band were aware of it”. Crazy, huh?

Once the drunkard was shown to the door, Guns N’ Roses put on an epic two hour performance before 150 guests including Mickey Rourke, Josh Lucas, Ryan Phillippe, and Fabrizio Moretti and Albert Hammond Jr. of The Strokes. Khan really set the record for his series of intimate concerts this year sponsored by DeLeon Tequila, clocking in an attempted stabbing on the first show! Maybe the next band to perform will share GNR’s luck, where a flamboyant, long-haired Bach type character will be found lurking in the shadows, surveying the scene.


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