Update: Could it be? New Daft Punk song? No!

We’ve all been duped! Following up on a previous CoS report of two new leaked Daft Punk songs, “The Crash” and “Fragile”, it has been confirmed — straight from the land of leather body suits and cool helmets –  that both songs are indeed hoaxes.

Of the two, we know that “The Crash” is actually a recording from Canadian electro-artist Pilotpriest called “Body Double”. It’s unclear whether or not this was a marketing ploy by Pilotpriest’s label Calamity Jane, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and let you know you can check out “Body Double” on the Pilotpriest MySpace page.

The good news is that Daft Punk is still set to score the Tron Legacy soundtrack as well as act in the film. As for genuine new Daft Punk material, we will still have to hold off a little bit longer. If there is anything to learn from this debacle it is to take unofficial Daft Punk news with a grain of salt. Also never trust the words of Kanye West. He knows a thing or two about speaking out of turn.

FAKE “The Crash” NOT by Daft Punk


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