Check Out: New James Murphy – “Oh You (Christmas Blues)”

With all the hoopla surrounding LCD Soundsystem’s forthcoming studio album, it’s easy to forget that the band’s figurehead, James Murphy, is also gearing up for the release of his debut soundtrack. On March 22nd/23rd, Murphy will drop the 17-track musical accompaniment for for the new Noah Baumbach-directed, Ben Stiller-starring film Greenberg, and, of course, the highlight of this record, aside from Duran Duran, is the awesome fact that it will sport 11 new originals from the LCD frontman.

Now, before you quickly scroll down this page thinking that this is an early preview of new LCD, please be aware that it’s probably not. Speaking recently about the endeavor with Pitchfork, Murphy explained that the soundtrack will feature a far different sound than what will be hear when LCD Soundsystem’s third LP drops in May.

“[Baumbach] and I had a good talk about not making a score but making songs. I tend to not like scores. I like old scores that are very specific but, typically, contemporary scores drive me crazy. It’s the musical equivalent of a poetry slam– just mood tones and spacey surround-sound shit,” Murphy explained. “So I wrote a bunch of songs that are not directly about the movie but are like the songs that we would pick out of our record collections to illustrate the movie.”

He went on to add that a 1970s pop song vibe would fill the record, noting, “The goal was to make my songs sound seamless with the old songs also used in the movie. And my voice is more chameleonic than people would imagine, because I tend to yell the same way all the time.”

One such example can be heard in the recent debuted/leaked track “Oh You (Christmas Blues)”. It’s sporadic, bluesy, and and totally something I’d want to hear in a bar if I were ever to drink myself into oblivion. Courtesy of TFB, you can check out the mp3 here. You’ll probably then want to pre-order the effort, which you can do here.


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