Gang Starr’s Guru recovering after heart attack

Hip-hop duo Gang Starr is known for their alternative brand of hip-hop that fuses a traditional East Coast style and New York swing jazz. Their unique musicality garnered them the loyalty of fans across the world, even years after their formal split. So it goes without saying that the hip-hop world was taken aback when the MC of the group, Guru, suffered a heart attack over the weekend.

The news broke on Monday that Guru, born Keith Elam, slipped into a coma after the cardiac episode on Sunday. But thankfully, less than a day later, Guru’s Gang Starr brother, DJ Premier, wrote in a blog, “Good news. Guru surgery was successful, keep sending him love,” according to XXL. However, Guru’s former publicist Jackie Osare said the MC isn’t out of the woods yet.

“Keep Guru in your prayers, and encourage everyone to think positively so that our collective energy will help him through,” Guru’s former publicist Jackie Osare added in a statement. “Let’s continue to celebrate our legends while they’re here.”

Gang Starr’s last album was 2003’s The Ownerz. Since the group’s end in the early 2000s, the Massachusetts native has released several solo discs, the last of which was May 2008’s Guru 8.0: Lost and Found via 7 Grand. More details on Guru’s recovery as they become available.

Update: Our friends at The Top 13 have put together a list of The Top 13 Guru Songs. It certainly serves as a great reminder of his legacy.


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