Get to know Friendo, they’re a band… with benefits

With a name like Friendo, it seems like it would be hard not to like this band. Add to their so-very-welcoming name the fact that their press release describes their sound as a blend of “’90’s experimental rock, ’70’s punk and ’60’s pop.” Those are my favorites! Also my favorite? Friendo’s songwriter is Michael Wallace, drummer of Women and Azeda Booth! Most apt name for a band ever! And look what you get when you look up Friendo on Wikipedia!

Friendo will release its album, Cold Toads, May 18th on St.Ives. But in the modern indie rat-race, simply being in other good bands and releasing an album is hardly enough to get you noticed. Friendo’s first fun fact is that they are made up of three members who are playing outside their comfort zone and learning a new instrument for the project. Secondly, Cold Toads is a homemade recording project, basically as DIY as you can get, with tape recorders and 4-tracks replacing the studio magic. To honor this process, Cold Toads will be released on cassette tape.

Scary ending note: Friendo only has 498 Myspace friends. Get on that, guys!


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