Iggy Pop, Moby, Alice Cooper rock out together in new vampire flick

What happens when you mix vampires with anarchism? A whole lot of senseless killing and indescribable silliness of course! At least that’s what Canadian director Rob Stefaniuk was going for with his sophomore feature Suck. While Stefaniuk’s first film, Phil The Alien, was nothing to write home about, Suck in turn promises laughs, smiles, and downright stupidity. Plus, it’s got a stellar soundtrack and unbelievable cast including Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, Moby, Malcolm McDowell, Alice Cooper, and Dave Foley (from Kids in the Hall)! Honestly, we’re not even sure how Stefaniuk managed to pull this one off, but if the trailer for Suck (see below) has anything to say about it we just might be looking at another cult classic here.

Per The Playlist, the premise is simple; a struggling rock band is searching for a way to launch themselves into the limelight so they turn to vampirism. Sounds ridiculous, right? Of course it is! And that’s exactly what Stefaniuk was going for with this campy and fun comedy about vampires. And honestly, with all the vampire loving going on right now between the “Twilight” fanatics and the ever growing teenage-angst filled Vampire novel series being written we really need a fresh approach to vampirism. Enter Suck; a slapstick hybrid of Hard Core Logo and True Blood which mocks today’s current vision of vampirism while also embracing it, creating a hysterical and shocking depiction of our despicable blood-sucking friends.

And let’s not forget the soundtrack which includes songs by Lou Reed, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, and of course songs from it’s featured cast including Iggy Pop, and Alice Cooper. Just look below and see for yourself. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Suck will receive its world premiere on March 17th at the film portion of Austin’s South by Southwest.


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