OK Go has another new music video, and it’s awesome

July 31, 2006, that’s when those guys on the treadmills made their mark on the World Wide Web. Since then “Here It Goes Again” has ranked among YouTube’s finest…or worst…or most shameless depending on your tolerance for viral videos. Let’s call it the Hall of Killing Time. The music video has garnered (closing in on) 50 million views on YouTube alone, which still has some catching up to do if the band wants to top the babies, Miley Cyrus or pants jizzing that make up their most viewed list (that’s right, I will not directly link to Miley Cyrus).

But let me not detract you completely from the story at hand. OK Go a new music video for “This Too Shall Pass,” and it’s even better than the last one. Yes, the first video for “This Too Shall Pass” was excellently choreographed and well worth sharing on Facebook, but this one tops it, at least if you are a fan of Mouse Trap.

The talent behind OK Go’s videos have always preceded the songs they’re paired with. Their music isn’t anything groundbreaking, nor is it forgettable. It is, in all of it’s ambiguity, Indie music. The second video for “This Too Shall Pass”, which was directed by James Frost, OK Go, and Syyn Labs follows suit. It was shot over the course of many months and what came out was a music video that’s just as entertaining without the music .

So for you OK Go fans and you internet fans, below is the video that may trump 50 million YouTube views. Or if EMI comes down on them again, you can see the video here with all of its ad supported wonder. Enjoy.


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