Update: CoS + Rock It Out! Blog’s “Lo-Fi Friday” SXSW Day Party


We’re about a week away from SXSW and we couldn’t be more stressed excited. Nothing screams “spectacular” than sunshine, free drinks, a plethora of indie-rock, and thousands of drunk hipsters and PR reps. With that in mind, we also think “spectacular” pretty much sums up our exciting three-day party extravaganza. While the fun starts Wednesday and peaks on Thursday, it all comes to one pretty laid back conclusion come Friday. And since we’re all going to be exhausted by then, a break sounds both a.) inviting and b.) much needed.

That’s why Consequence of Sound + Rock It Out! Blog put together the “Lo-Fi Friday” lineup! But since its announcement two weeks ago, we’ve beefed it up some. Don’t get us wrong… we want to relax and just enjoy our time, but we also want to go out with a bang. So, in addition to a line up you won’t get anywhere elseThe Protomen, You Say Party! We Say Die!, Sweet Apple, Hurricane Bells, The Happy Hollows, Surf City, Look Mexico, Male Bonding, Light Pollution, and Chaperone — we’ve added some party favors.

For one, Blu Energy Drink has been gracious enough to supply the event with cases of liquid adrenaline, which should make survival all the more realistic! And for those who arrive early enough, you’ll be able to share a few slices of pizza with the CoS crew while we watch a raucous performance by Chaperone and Sweet Apple. Throughout the day, we’ll also have a full service bar and a vintage 8-bit gaming station, provided by the wonderful folks at Game Over Videogames. C’mon, who doesn’t want to escape the hard hitting sun and play some Mega Man while refueling and listening to hard-hitting, lo-fi, alt rock?

If you look closely at the lineup, you’ll notice a change, too. We’re now at a 10 band bill, as we’ve added Chicago’s hot up and coming act, Light Pollution! You might not have heard of them yet, but you will over the next few months, especially when their debut surfaces in June via Carpark Records. They not only have an extraordinary and hip sound, but promise to be a spectacle on-stage, too.

Last, but most important of all, the venue is now at Republic Live. This does wonders for us, considering it’s a larger venue and also in a greater location — it’s across the street from Antone’s! We anticipate lots of day traffic and we’re hoping you’re a part of it!

So, if you can pry yourself away from the 129,323,299 other parties and events going down, come give us a holler and see what will undoubtedly be the most unique lineup of the day. Just keep in mind, you haven’t seen anything ’til you’ve seen The Protomen.

Anyhow, here are the details, including the official schedule and RSVP info.

Official Schedule:

12:00: Chaperone
12:30: Sweet Apple
01:00: Male Bonding
01:45: The Happy Hollows
02:30: You Say Party! We Say Die!
03:20: Look Mexico
04:05: Surf City
04:50: Light Pollution
05:35: Hurricane Bells
06:20: The Protomen


Let us know you’re coming and RSVP here (via Facebook).

About the Bands:

The Protomen: An event not to be missed, The Protomen are less a band and more an engaging rock opera. As they insist, “They are messengers, riding atop an Iron Stallion on their way to deliver the most vicious rock ‘n’ roll fable that the world has even known.” Quite the statement, right? Their message has caught on, however. After last year’s electrifying performances at both Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival and New York’s CMJ, where they supported their latest effort Act II: The Father of Death, the Nashville natives plan to take on 2010 with a vengeance. Not only will they be appearing at SXSW, but The Protomen will support their own tour that will take them to the better parts of the midwest. Do not miss what Wired Magazine calls, “unequivocally unique” and “positively inspired.”

You Say Party! We Say Die!: British Columbia has a lot of things going for it these days: The Olympics, actress Cobie Smulder, and of course, indie sensation You Say Party! We Say Die! (aka YSP!WSD!). Having reinvented themselves with their spirited style of New-Wave, and a new depth of material, the band returned recently with their much-anticipated third release, XXXX, which Pitchfork Media calls, “unexpectedly tender.” With sounds that trace back to 80’s favorites The Psychedelic Furs, The Go Gos, and ‘Til Tuesday, YSP!WSD! are an easy favorite on the dance floor, and this year they’ll be putting Americans back there as they tour the States for the first time in several years.

Sweet Apple: Side projects are one thing, but when a band forms out of love, you just gotta respect that. Sweet Apple is the new unit comprised of J. Mascis (of Dinosaur Jr.), Tim Parnin and John Petkovic (both of Cobra Verde), and Dave Sweetapple (of Witch). This is not a supergroup, however, nor is it a little side project. It’s a labor of love that worked together as a close pocket of friends, all to create something emotionally-charged and downright honest. The result is their forthcoming debut, Love & Desperation, and while it’s not out ’til April 20th, the band plans to make one hell of a breakthrough at SXSW, which includes a performance at Waterloo Records on March 19th.

“Do You Remember”

Hurricane Bells: After touring the better part of last year around Longwave’s fourth effort, Secrets Are Sinister, Steve Schiltz set up shop to create a new project with little else than his MacBook and an Mbox. He wrote, played, recorded, and mixed every note himself, arranging what would become Tonight Is The Ghost, the debut album of his now new act, Hurricane Bells. It’s taken off tremendously. While a soundtrack inclusion (“Monsters”) to last year’s Twilight: New Moon soundtrack didn’t hurt, the band’s been stirring up a storm for itself, finishing up a tour in India and returning for a spring run of dates, where they’ll be supporting Blue October on a nation-wide tour.

The Happy Hollows: Los Angeles has a good reason to smile lately. In the past, they’ve delivered us some hip-as-hell rock ‘n’ roll (The Doors, Guns N’ Roses), and now they bring us The Happy Hollows. If the band’s current single “High Wire” sounds familiar, there’s a good reason. It’s the ultimately catchy song from the latest Samsung Mobile commercials. The best part? There’s more! The group’s debut, last year’s Spells, gushes of 14 flavorful indie-rock tunes that demand to be heard again and again. It only gets better live, too! That’s why we can’t argue with The Huffington Post, who calls The Happy Hollows, “A Band You’ve Got to See.”

Look Mexico: It’s been a strange and interesting journey for Tallahassee-turned-Austin’s own Look Mexico. After signing with Lujo Records, the band collected a small, but dedicated fan base across the nation that turned them from your favorite local band from another town to your favorite local band in your country. The band’s seen its share of line up changes, but that’s hardly hurt their music. From their debut, This Is Animal Music, to their critically acclaimed EP, Gasp Asp, the band’s swatted away enough drama that would sink the average mainstream act, and their music excels from this. New sounds and new faces make up a brilliant new unit that should make new label Suburban Home very, very proud. And with a highly anticipated sophomore follow up on the way, April’s To Bed To Battle, a recommendation from Alternative Press, and a second appearance at the Harvest of Hope Festival, it’s safe to say these Florida-turned-Texas folk have little to worry.

Surf City: New Zealand’s made some fine exports in the past few years. While we won’t throw any Tolkien references around, we are apt to say it’s a pretty magical place. Surf City is just one great example of its majestic powers. Birthed from a deep influence of The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Beach Boys, and The Zombies, this quartet is exactly what happens when distortion takes a vacation. It’s fast, it’s catchy, and it’s highly addictive. Their EP “broke waves” back in ’08 — Pitchfork Media found it “absolutely charming” — and since then they’ve been hitting the live scene hard, including a tight run through last year’s CMJ. They’re primed to continue this success down in Austin.

Male Bonding: It’s a pretty good day when Sub-Pop calls to pick you up. How do you think Male Bonding felt? The UK trio signed to the legendary Seattle label last year and since then they’ve been turning heads left and right. They’ve taken a traditional garage rock sound and just splintered it into several directions. Everything from grunge to surf-pop riddle their songs, and what’s more, they’re sloppy in all the right ways. It’s lo-fi at its finest and it should come as no surprise that the band’s been opening for the likes of Vivian Girls, Japandroids, Abe Vigoda, and The Soft Pack. Delectable? You’ll be asking for seconds before their set’s even finished.


Light Pollution: While attending Northern Illinois University, Jim Cicero and drummer Matt Evertt shut themselves off from society in a rickety old warehouse. It was there that they tinkered around with enough reverb and distortion to create the hypnotic, psychedelic trance that is now Light Pollution. Since then, the band has expanded into a quartet, adding Nick Sherman and Jed Robertson, and although they’ve only hit the Chicago circuit, they’ve wretched enough eyes to land a label (Carpark Records) and great attention from The Windish Agency. Their first full length, Apparitions, is due out June 15th, and those lucky enough to be in Austin during SXSW would be wise to check out what will inevitably become the next indie sensation.

“Good Feelings”

: After disbanding Chicago garage-blues fiesta Blueblood, Thomas Des Enfants swept up the ashes and carved something anew. Tighter, friendlier, and more intimate, Chaperone introduces new faces and an assured sound that draws influences from several eras, though you’re likely to recall The Avett Brothers. Sing-along harmonies and bucket-toting percussion do-see-do over finger licking bass lines that result in irresistable folk-rock. It’s caught on, too. Their unique songs and impassioned live act have generated a growing buzz in the Midwest with each performance, and while Chaperone spent much of 2009 recording, writing, and fine-tuning their set, 2010 will see the release of their EP and the road ahead.

“Witches & Sailors”

About the Venue:

Republic Live is located in Austin, TX at 301 W 5th St. (5th & Lavaca St.). It’s less than a ten minute walk from the Austin Convention Center.

About The Presenters:

Consequence of Sound is a global music publication averaging 50,000 daily page impressions. Now in its third year, CoS sports over 50 contributors, recognition from countless premiere media outlets, and a readership that proves to be one of the most active and dedicated in all of the online music blogosphere. The SXSW day party will also coincide with the launch of a brand new, professionally designed CoS website.

Rock It Out! Blog is a fresh face in the online music community, delivering rock music news from the fan’s perspective. Site owner Sami Jarroush (of Fuse TV fame) has hosted several rock shows on television and radio and with Rock It Out! Blog he brings his talents into the dawning age of video blogging. In its short existence, however, the site has already become a new internet sensation, landing interviews with highly respected talent and partnering up with several online publications. Rock It Out! Blog‘s co-sponsorship with Consequence of Sound marks the first live event for the site and kicks off an exciting year full of things to come.

Game Over Videogames is Austin’s go-to spot for everything vintage video gaming. This store’s aim is to bring classic video games back into the city, and give gamers a top quality, one stop shop for classic video games, systems, accessories, plus the coolest collectibles, t-shirts, etc and more. Game Over Videogames is a true example of how an independent video game store can compete and win against enormous competition and huge obstacles in today’s fragile business climate. The franchise will be heavily involved throughout SXSW, with several in-store promotions and events, including a performance by Descendants of Erdrick on Thursday, March 18th.

The Nerdy Show is a weekly podcast dedicated to nerd culture, nerd news, and nerd music. It’s a celebration of the multifaceted d20 that is the modern nerd presented in a weekly melding of talk radio and music. From comics and video games to science and technology — if it’s geeky they’ve got it covered!

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