Update: Portishead and Goldfrapp to take Joan Of Arc on the road

Last week, Portishead guitarist Adrian Utley and Goldfrapp musician Will Gregory made headlines for news that they’d be collaborating together on a new score for the 1928 silent film The Passion Of Joan Of Arc. Well, it gets better.

In addition to the film’s scheduled debut at Bristol’s Colston Hall in May, the duo also plans to take its creation on the road this year.

“We would like to play it in places that are not always associated with silent film or film and possibly do it at some festivals,” Hazlewood explained in an interview with the BBC. “We’d like to introduce it into a world where I’m sure people would really enjoy it.”

The Bristol debut, scheduled for May 7th, will feature a Charles Hazlewood-conducted band consisting of six electric guitars, a choir, percussion, horns and keyboards.

Speaking of the score itself, Utley noted it features “medieval tonality” mixed with the guitars and electronics. He then predicted, it would also “probably feed into the creativity of both of us in the future, with things that we might do with our bands.” Here’s hoping we find out soon enough.


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