Watch: Gorillaz run for their lives in “Stylo”

The last few weeks have been agonizing as the highly anticipated Plastic Beach nears its March 9th release date. Between new singles, teaser trailers and today’s unveiling of the entire album thanks to NPR’s wicked awesome stream, Gorillaz fans have been growing by the hour in numbers; ready to pounce like a cougar on the album itself. But the fun doesn’t stop there either! Gorillaz also released the album’s first music video for the funky Bobby Womack and Mos-Def aided single “Stylo” today.

Filmed in the Mojave Desert, “Stylo” is an action packed Mad Max-inspired video that features the famous foursome (sans Russel Hobbs) in a gritty race for freedom against the cops and… Bruce Willis? No, seriously. The film begins with a shot of the road quickly zooming back on “the get-away car” housing an exhausted, stressed and a little fearful Noodle and 2-D, with Murdoc behind the wheel. Of course, their pimped out classic Mustang has the song’s title branded across its grill, adding to the film’s unique appearance. Sadly however, “Stylo” isn’t another “Clint Eastwood” or “Rock the House”, filled with creepy zombie apes, giant quarterbacks or guest appearances from Del. Instead, it’s a more realistic interpretation of life plus the Gorillaz, with less animation and a stronger focus on what life would be life if they were living, breathing, flesh. Well, you know what we mean.

In “Stylo”, the trio’s first encounter is with a portly cop who’d recently pulled aside to eat a few donuts on the job. Needless to say, they easily escape with Murdoc waving him around, only to have Noodle cock her shotgun and drive him off the road. But just when you think they’ve lucked out the sky turns black and a leather jacketed Willis gets on their tail fast with a .45 aimed directly at Murdoc and the gang. And Willis isn’t taking no for an answer; inevitably leading the gang right off a cliff! But is this really the end for the Gorillaz? You’ll just have to watch and see for yourself.


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