Watch: Katzenjammer battles with buckets in “Tea With Cinnamon”

If you haven’t heard, Katzenjammer is a delightful Norwegian band that mixes Klezmer, folk, pop, rock, Balkan and country into one raucous hodgepodge of excitement. Composed of four extremely talented ladies who altogether play more than 16 different instruments (rotating instruments on and during their songs), Katzenjammer is a fast-paced genre-breaking foursome that sounds like Gogol Bordello meets Man Man with a splash of DeVotchka thrown into the mix.

Set to release their debut album Le Pop in North America on June 1st, Katzenjammer has recently revealed its all new video for the album’s single “Tea With Cinnamon”. The clip features the four lovely ladies banging on pots and pans, passing tea kettles to one another, jumping around and spinning in circles across four tiny side by side screens. You can easily tell that these girls are all about having fun from “Tea With Cinnamon” as they perform they super fun music while making goofy faces at each other and bobbing up, down and around each little screen. If you were lucky enough to catch the band’s performance at Bonnaroo last year, then you know exactly what kind of energy and charisma we’re speaking of. And if nothing else, “Tea With Cinnamon” is the perfect introduction to their unique pirate sea shanty style!

Elsewhere, Le Pop has helped nominate Katzenjammer for Norway’s “Newcomer of the Year Grammy award and for the last year the quartet has been sweeping audiences across the U.S. off their feet with phenomenal live sets at smaller venues and major festivals such as SXSW, Bonnaroo and Summerfest (where they opened for Elvis Costello). A new set of tour dates through the U.S. is anticipated during the coming months however Katzenjammer has already been confirmed for this year’s Lilith Fair, which may be the first of many mind blowing performances for them this year.


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