Alice in Chains, Deftones, Mastodon touring together this fall

Brace yourself, because you will be doing some moshing this fall, thanks to an almost unreal alt-metal dream tour in the works. A couple of 90s hard-rock heavyweights, Deftones and headliner Alice in Chains, are teaming up with new breed Mastodon for the “BlackDiamondSkye” tour (via Rock  it Out! Blog). That’s BlackDiamondSkye, as in a mish-mash of the bands’ most current releases: Black Gives Way to Blue, Diamond Eyes, and Crack the Skye. Get it? Clever, although it probably should be BlackDiamondCrack for consistency’s sake.

Since it’s not, they’ve put together a cryptic website with a countdown timer (1 day 6 days!) over at Supposedly when the timer hits all zeroes, we’ll have the full details about the tour.

They’ve also put together a cryptic video featuring an amalgamation of song snippets from the three bands over some disturbing images, including a raven or something. Check out the video below if you feel like the countdown isn’t teasing enough.


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