Big Audio Dynamite ponders reunion

Following the demise of The Clash in mid-1980s (I consider, like most Clash fans, anything post-Combat Rock an era of forgettable times), the band’s longtime guitarist, Mick Jones, teamed up with Don Letts to form the band Big Audio Dynamite. And while the outfit, which combined sounds of punk, dance, hip-hop, and reggae, never reached the successes of Jones’ old crew, B.A.D. did end up releasing nine full-length albums (four more than The Clash… remember, I don’t count Cut The Crap), most of which proved to be pretty damn great. Needless to say, this makes the following news down right awesome.

On April 12th, Sony Legacy will release a legacy edition of B.A.D.’s 1985 debut, This Is Big Audio Dynamite. Produced by Letts, Jones, and This Is Big Audio Dynamite, the release will consist of all eight original track as well as bonus disc featuring dozen remixes and other rarities, five of which — including the Letts-sung outtake “Electric Vandal” — are previously unreleased.

While compiling the material for the release, Letts and Jones got to a talkin’ and a thinkin’ about the possibility of something more, which, as Letts explained to Billboard, might actually seriously happen.

“I could lie to you and say ‘Not in a million years,’ but…if Mick wasn’t tied up with Gorillaz it might happen this year,” said Letts. “(Jones) has looked at me and said, ‘Maybe next year,’ but who knows.”

He added, “I’ve got to admit that in the past I’m not a great one for reformations; I always think if you’re lucky in life, you get a window of opportunity, use it to the best of your ability and then fuck off and let someone else have their turn. But here I am 25 years down the line considering the thing. Isn’t that a bitch?!” Hey, man, we won’t judge!

Letts went on to note that other B.A.D. legacy editions could also be down the line as well. Until then, we’ll keep dreaming.


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