Break Yo’ TV: Armi & Danny – “I Wanna Love You Tender”

TV Breakin'

The Situation can no longer claim the fist pump…

I literally have tears in my eyes from laughter. But that’s what happens when you combine a Finnish beauty queen, a guy with a guitar, and a former Serbian president/choreographer…yeah, really. Throw some Euro-disco dancers with monogrammed sweaters in the mix and you have a hit MTV video.

And while the translated Finnish to English lyrics complete this piece,  the credit really should go to Slobodon Milosevic for his choreography – who later became the Serbian president.

The mood is set with a disco ball and progressively it keeps getting better. A scrawny dancer starts things off strong with the fist pump and the video then pans to all the other choreographed fist pumpers and their “D & M” monogrammed sweaters.

The dancers part and out comes Danny with his open shirt to tells us “You love me, you wanna love me tender/How can I be sure you’re not pretender?” But if the lyrics don’t get you, his sweet swaying dance moves sure will. And speaking of sweet dance moves, be sure to check out the free-style around the two-minute mark if you made it that far.

At the end, off they go in a Studebaker… the only car that made it to outerspace in those days, I guess.

What I want to know is… where can I get one of these sweaters for Halloween?


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