CSI employs someone with talent

Originally, I was going to present an interview with the biggest experts on hit CBS show CSI that I could find. But my parents are on vacation this week, so instead I will just paraphrase a story someone else wrote because I know about three things about the show:

1. The dude who killed Billy the Kid in Young Guns 2 left the show  (but didn’t really because Billy is obviously the old man narrating the story!) and was replaced by Morpheus.

2. There are a few other versions of the show that take places in other cities with other actors (David Caruso!), but otherwise it is exactly the same thing. But it’s “not formulaic, it’s really complex.”

3. The show can conceivably never end.

Well, now the fourth thing I know about CSI is that medical examiner Al Robbins is actor Robert David Hall in real life. If you’re not good with names, it’s the older, beardy guy. Well, turns out he is also… a musician! Hard to believe this is the very same man who examines dead bodies (and possibly alive bodies) on CSI. So, realistically, this should be the highest selling album ever if his fans just got out there to support him. This might be a smart way for the record companies to go, because my parents sure as hell don’t know how to download torrents.

The album is of the country tradition and titled Things They Didn’t Teach You In School, which I will purely speculate is a summation of the Howard Zinn’s People’s History Of The United States. Which is really bold if you think about it: using country music to present a radical left thesis in honor of the recently departed American hero. Or maybe it’s about how to boost a car? Listen to some of it here and report back, because I don’t even know who the hell this guy is.


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