Introducing… How To Destroy Angels

Update: We’re thinking this might be a collaboration between Trent Reznor and his wife Mariqueen Maandig (she looks like the women in the picture).

Let’s playing a guessing game: Earlier today, we received an email from a major publicity company. The subject simply read, “HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS”, and upon opening it, we were met with the following details:

Self-titled 6-track EP out this summer.

Exact date TBA.

More details to be announced as they become available at

Intrigued, we then clicked on the aforementioned link and were greeted by only the image you see to your right and the 40-second video embedded below. As you’ll see, the clip doesn’t reveal much other than “How To Detroy Angels” involves a lot of ambient, electro-heavy noise.

Of course, the aforementioned publicity company isn’t providing any other details, and clicks to the project’s MySpace and Facebook lend zero information. So, it looks like we’re dealing with one of those super surprise thingamajigs. Thoughts? Guesses? Answers? Etc?


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