Killers + Keane + Long Winters + Mumford & Sons = Mt. Desolation

I joked earlier today about 2010 being the year of the autoharp. While that might not necessarily be true, the first four months have featured an influx of all-star collectives from various members of high-profile indie outfits. Case in point GAYNGS, The Living Sisters, NOVELS, MG&V, and Apparatjik. Here’s another one for your listening pleasures.

Per TwentyFourBit and NME, Long Winters singer John Roderick, Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Keane keyboard player/songwriter Tim Rice-Oxley and live bassist Jesse Quin, Mumford & Sons banjo player Winston Marshall, and Noah and The Whale fiddle player Tom Hobden recently came together to form Mt Desolation.

The all-star collective is currently working on “an album of country songs” with producer Emery Dobyns in London, with a late 2010 release date planned. What’s more, Mt. Desolation plans to make its live debut at the Luminaire in London on June 4th. Until then, you can watch for updates via the band’s personal blog.


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