Listen: Rabble Rabble

Chicago quartet Rabble Rabble has quickly been making a name for themselves in the eclectic Midwestern music scene. Between being voted Chicago band of the month in the November 2009 issue of Deli Magazine, to playing the exclusive launch party of the Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP), Rabble Rabble continues to gain a rabid following of its psychedelic blues rock.

With solid and fantastic beats from drummer Kaylee Preston, swirling surf-like guitars and rolling bass from Ralph Darski, Todd McCafrey, and Matt Ciarleglio respectively, their particular brand of psych rock sounds like a combination of The Centurians and The Lively Ones — though, mixed with some Cream and slight Hendrix licks. “Lady” starts off with a quick blues riff and driving drums, coupled with a great howling vocal line. “Take Me Home” leans more toward the surf rock side of things and delivers a fantastic punch.

Their live shows are known to be stuffed with high energy and all the expected psychedelics, promising nothing but a raucous good time. They have a few gigs planned out for 2010 in the Chicago area, and are currently working on snagging more for the future. As with most bands today, they do a lot of DIY work, and have released a few limited release cassettes, which they sell at their shows (Can someone explain this new cassette obsession these days?).

Unlike most buzz bands today, however, I’ve heard great things about Rabble Rabble not from the internet, but from surrounding friends. In fact, it seems like this band prides themselves on this sort of old-school approach. While they have a good handful of songs to sample on their MySpace page — which I highly suggest you go check out — you’re really better off seeking their live show. Their sound fits this style, though. It’s just the right combination of grime & shine and blues & drugs that always make for a good ol’ time.

So, if you’re in the Chicago area, or you’re just looking for something new and fantastic to get your mind off of work, check out Rabble Rabble. I might not be a friend of yours, but I promise they won’t disappoint.


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