Preview Kristin Wiig tune from MacGruber


How someone decided they could connect the dots from here to here, I’ll never quite know, but I kind of respect it. Let’s all hope the latest Saturday Night Live big-screen effort falls into the ‘this rocks’ column (The Blues Brothers, Wayne’s World) and not the ‘this kinda sucks’ column (every other movie). But if there’s one thing that SNL movies do have going for them, it’s their surprisingly remarkable soundtracks.

This first original gem from the MacGruber soundtrack is done by none other than Ms. Kristin Wiig, co-starring in the movie. The song “Champion”, sung by Wiig’s character Vicki St. Elmo, has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek along with most of the soundtrack. (LIYL the idea of Karen O singing Dio-esque lyrics from a bean bag chair, produced by your friend who just got into Garage Band). Stream it now over at Stereogum.

Also singing with Wiig is Scotland’s own Lightspeed Champion on the track “Rock My Body”. In addition to several other original tracks, we will also be blessed with the dulcet tones of Toto, as they battle for the award for most ironic song with Mr. Mister, Quarterflash, and Michael Bolton. And so as not to be considered in the Grammy category for Best Comedy Album, The Black Keys, and The Hives also have guest spots.

If this whole thing seems to be hanging together by chewing gum, a bobby pin, and a piece of chalk to you, don’t worry: It’s exactly what MacGruber would want.

MacGruber: Original Soundtrack (via Relativity) will be released May 18th. The movie is in theaters everywhere May 21st.

MacGruber: Original Soundtrack Tracklist:
01. Corbread Compton & The Silverlake Choir – “MacGruber’s Theme”
02. The Black Keys – “Heavy Soul”
03. Toto – “Rosanna”
04. Gerry Rafferty – “Baker Street”
05. The Hives – “Tick Tick Boom”
06. Emerson, Lake & Powell – “Touch N’ Go”
07. Eddie Money – “Take Me Home Tonight”
08. Quarterflash – “Harden My Heart”
09. Kristen Wiig – “A Perfect Number”
10. Mr. Mister – “Broken Wings”
11. Robbie Dupree – “Steal Away”
12. Kristen Wiig (Feat. MacGruber & Lightspeed Champion) – “Rock My Body”
13. Michael Bolton – “Love Is A Wonderful Thing”
14. Matthew Compton – “The MacGruber Suite”
15. Kristen Wiig – “Champion”

P.S. Take a gander at MacGruber’s Twitter feed for some good chuckles. Note who he exclusively follows.