Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker announces solo debut

While we still may be a few years away from a Sleater-Kinney reunion, this fall will see a release from the acclaimed outfit’s singer/guitarist, Corin Tucker.

In an interview with the Portland Mercury, Tucker revealed that she is currently at work on her solo debut at Little Golden Book Studio in Northeast Portland with Seth Lorinczi (The Golden Bears, The Quails), who is handling production and arrangements, as well as playing bass, keys, percussion and Sara Lund (Hungry Ghost, Unwound) on drums. Tucker noted that the trio’s longtime friendship and collaboration has led to a rather eclectic sound, which features both the styles of heavier, Sleater-Kinney-esque material and more subtle, acoustic and piano drive numbers.

As for the lyrical content, Tucker went on to note that her 37 years of life experiences served as a heavy influence.

“It’s definitely more of a middle-aged mom record, in a way. It’s not a record that a young person would write,” she expalined. “But I am the worst person in the world to describe my own lyrics, so I’m not even going to try! I do think I’m trying to write stories, though, and that I take certain feelings or certain experiences and put them into a little story. And there are definitely some ghosts on the record, too—ghost songs. There’s some sadness, some reinvention, some rebirth. I think the goal for me is to write some good stories.”

The plan, at least now, is for an album that consists of 11 tracks. Tucker hopes to release the finished product in October via Kill Rock Stars, with solo dates in both the west and east coasts to follow. “The jackpot,” she explained, “would be to do some great festivals, to go somewhere really cool and play.”

We’ll post more details as they’re revealed. Now would also be a good time to note that Tucker’s former and possibly future bandmates Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss are working on their own new project.


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