The Drums detail debut… finally!


What’s up with all the beach-related band names? Best Coast? Beach House? Surfer Blood? Surf City? Wavves? The Drums? We’re not going to complain, so don’t throw any muck our way just yet, but it’s hard not to notice. Not really a surprise, either. It seems like there’s always a fucking trend with band names; remember all the animal-related band names? Christ.

Observations aside, we’re actually pretty psyched for this piece of news. Brooklyn’s post-punk quartet, The Drums, finally plan to release its long-awaited self-titled debut. And despite initial reports that scorching single “Let’s Go Surfing” wouldn’t be present, frontman Jonathan Pierce tells NME that fans should expect it on-board. He explains that omitting the song would be “like going to see a band live and them missing out the song that got you into them in the first place.” Good point, Pierce.

If you recall our interview with ’em early last year, Pierce stated the band’s initial sound came from the question, “What if Joy Division had done a beach party record?” From what we’ve heard so far, they matched that mark incredibly. We’re amped to see how they evolve it.

We’ll know June 7th. Thank god.

The Drums Tracklist:
01. Best Friend
02. Me And The Moon
03. Let’s Go Surfing
04. Skippin’ Town
05. Book Of Stories
06. Forever And Ever, Amen
07. Down By The Water
08. It Will All End In Tears
09. We Tried
10. I Need Fun In My Life
11. I’ll Never Drop My Sword
12. The Future