To Rococo Rot announces Speculation

To Rococo Rot‘s recording process for 2007’s ABC One Two Three strayed from their typical blend of electronic and acoustic elements. As a tribute to the Helvetica font, the Berlin-based threesome abandoned its instruments and restricted itself to a computer and a Yamaha VS330 keyboard. After placing notes into the midi file window, the computer would sequence seemingly random notes on the keyboard. While brothers and band members Ronald and Robert Lippok were dissatisfied with the project, the process continued, resulting in a set of uninspired, digital sounding tracks.

Now, almost three years later, the three-piece have brought back the use of its acoustic instrumentation and is currently finalizing a new album. Entitled Speculation, the LP will be hitting the States on June 9th via Domino Records. Using the “very basic and plain” personal recording studio of krautrockers Faust, To Rococo Rot chose to arrange their new tracks around their fingers plucking abilities. The album will also include the organ playing of Faust’s Jochen Irmler. However, don’t be expecting a record reminiscent of Justin Vernon and Bon Iver’ after listening to single “Horses” (which you can check out here). Instead, looked for something drenched in electronic ambiance.

Speculation Tracklist:
01. Away
02. Seele
03. Horses
04. Forwardness
05. No Way to Prepare
06. Working Against Time
07. Place It
08. Ship
09. Bells
10. Friday


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