Watch: Moneybrother is “Born Under A Bad Sign” (CoS Premiere)

With his soulful pub rock project Moneybrother, Stockholm’s Anders Wendin is doing alright for himself. He sells out shows all across Europe, has won the Swedish equivalent of a Grammy, and has his own line of soup. Yes, soup. With so much success in the Old World, one might wonder whether he might be able to make it here in the New World. But after just one go around for his video for “Born Under A Bad Sign”, you’ll see why he’ll have us in the U.S. clamoring for more his eco-friendly line of tomato soup in no time.

With dance moves like a slightly more awkward Elvis Costello, Wendin’s video is the definition of a minimalist approach. While we don’t want to ruin the whole plot of the video, expect some wanton property damage and evil doppelgangers. As for the song, here’s where Moneybrother begins to shine; the song is every bit the danceable rock of an Interpol or Strokes, but with more of a fusion of ’60s soul, ’70s rock, and a bit of some ’80s New Wave and punk thrown in for good measure. It’s a blend that’s tasty without ever losing any depth.

Moneybrother’s U.S. debut, Real Control, is out today. Catch Wendin on tour with Against Me! to boot.


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