Watch: The Flaming Lips bring Pink Floyd’s “Breathe” to Fallon

Just hours before The Flaming Lips and Stardeath and White Dwarfs with Henry Rollins and Peaches Doing The Dark Side of the Moon was released on vinyl in celebration of this year’s Record Store Day, The Flaming Lips along with album co-conspirators Stardeath and White Dwarfs took to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to provide a reminder of the true awesomeness that resulted from their recent collaboration.

Proving as epic as the actual track itself, the band’s performance of the Dark Side track “Breathe” featured eight musicians relentlessly pounding their respective guitars, drums, gongs, etc., as leader Wayne Coyne did what Wayne Coyne does best — entertain. In this particular case, the Lips frontman split his time between getting down to the beat (aka dancing), smashing a cymbal, and delivering a wonderful vocal performance. In the end, the whole thing was both terrifying and wonderful. Or, in other words, what we’ve come to expect regarding anything related to The Flaming Lips.


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