Where We Live: Tractor Tavern – Ballard, WA

Some call it a dive. Some say a hick bar. I prefer homey.

The Tractor Tavern in Ballard, WA offers alt-country, folk, blues, Americana, rockabilly, and PBR tallboys. To sum it up, it’s a heaven for Seattle music fans who enjoy a little banjo, a mandolin, worn cowboy boots—and cheap beer. It’s a favorite of many locals, and you can’t go wrong with a show at the Tractor if you enjoy a little twang.

The country décor puts you in the mood for some countrified whiskey and high ceilings, and brown walls give you the feeling you’re in a barn while old cowboy boots accompany the occasional boot-stompin’ free square dancing night.

The only complaint is the lack of space (The Tractor probably holds around 200 or so) and seating. But not enough space for a dance floor is never a problem for the Northwest. As long you get your tickets in advance, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Besides the homey atmosphere, the locals love The Tractor because there’s always something to see. The venue hosts between five and seven shows per week, and it’s always affordable. Tickets typically run around $10 and are never more than $20. Not to mention the list of great shows. A few notables who have played the Tavern are the Drive-By Truckers, Dusty 45s, Doug Martsch, Chuck Prophet, and Ryan Adams.

This quote from a fan says it all: “… if I had a can of PBR left over from last night’s debaucheries, I’d pour one out to you, Tractor. Because you happen to be just that badass. See ya soon.”

Tractor Tavern
5213 Ballard Avenue Northwest
Seattle, WA 98107-4809
(206) 789-3599

To view a complete schedule of upcoming events, click here.


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