Album Review: Delorean – Subiza




If this band did one thing right, it was in naming themselves Delorean. These Spaniards arrived at mainstream success to take us on a nostalgic journey through time; more specifically, on a journey way back to the year 2009. Some of you might not even be old enough to remember that year, but keep reading anyway.

In a year that was dominated by Animal Collective and vastly populated by emerging electronic artists, 2009 saw many future greats begin to pave their own way. Synth-heavy sounds from the likes of Passion Pit, Neon Indian, jj, Miike Snow, and Toro y Moi teased and pleased us all year long, and Delorean’s Subiza is a direct result of this noticeable upswing in electronic artists.

That’s not to say that it’s a direct copycat, Delorean does bring some new elements to the table. It’s just impossible to overlook the stark similarities to all the above mentioned acts. It’s things we’ve heard before, but it’s those things arranged in a new and exciting way. Think Miike Snow multiplied by Animal Collective. There are times when vocalist Ekhi Lopetegi sounds frighteningly similar like Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear. At the very least, if this Delorean project never pans out (it will), Ekhi always has a place available to him in an awesome Panda Bear cover band…

On the whole, the album isn’t mind-bogglingly impressive, but it does make for an interesting listen. With tracks “Come Wander” (which actually kind of sounds like Animal Collective’s Merriweather hit “In The Flowers”), “Real Love”, and “Warmer Places” the band proves that they can hack it with the best of the electro-heads. They provide irresistibly danceable beats, interesting samples, and most importantly, solid, infectiously catchy melodies and harmonies. This band obviously has a deep well of talent and have no qualms with showing it off. Plan on seeing Delorean on everyone’s list of up and comers in the coming year.

However, their Subiza, charming as it may be, will be easily overlooked amidst the landslide of good music coming out at the moment (see: High Violet, Crystal Castles pt. 2, This Is Happening, Forgiveness Rock Record, etc.). Call it bad kronos. And while the timing of the release is unfortunate, I do foresee great things in Delorean’s sojourn into the future. Absolutely no pun intended.