Arcade Fire inspires high school musical

After two years of intense research (not really), I have discovered Arcade Fire cause a lot of different people to experience a variety of emotions. For example, David Bowie loves them, Wayne Coyne hates them, Springsteen never shuts up about them, and about 300 people I’ll pass on the city street today would probably be willing to jump into traffic for a chance to hear another one of their new songs.

The students of the Ottawa based Canterbury high school were so inspired by Arcade Fire and its most recent studio LP Neon Bible that they recently decided to make a high school musical about it. So they called up Arcade Fire member and Canterbury alumnus Richard Reed, received permission to use the band’s music, and created a production called the Neon Bible Project.

According to the Orleans Star (via Guardian), the musical will see the students visit each of the 11 tracks on Neon Bible, interpreting them as the tale of a “futuristic world, overrun by technology.” By act two, the world has crumbled away – and humans “must fight for their very survival”. Alongside characters such as “scrags”, “sirens” and “marrow-munchers”, wells, lighthouses and places where no cars go (get it?) are expected to feature prominently.

The production will receive its premiere tonight (May 26th) in Ottawa and is scheduled to run through Sunday. Additional shows are also planned for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August.

As for the group that inspired the project? Well, as you probably know, Arcade Fire has a busy summer ahead and, per Pitchfork, we may soon get our first taste of what’s to come. The band’s new single, “The Suburbs” b/w “Month of May” was reportedly on sale at a Glasgow record store. So keep an eye out for it. You know we will.


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