Best Coast gets its feet wet with debut LP

What would we do without Twitter? Well, more, frankly. More of everything. But these are the sacrifices we must make for the direct spreading of information, and we weren’t that much more productive before Twitter, were we? Well I was I school, so yes, but that’s not the point!

Without Twitter we would have to wait for a proper press release to tell you about the debut album from Best Coast. If you haven’t heard of Best Coast, you are being left in the dust because we’re almost over them (see here, here, and here) and the record just got a release date, July 27th on Mexican Summer. Titled Crazy for You, no tracklisting was tweeted from lovable singer Bethany Cosetino, but if they use any of the already released material, we could have a classic on our hands. To say this is a much-anticipated debut would be an understatement.


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