Break Yo’ TV: Bangs – “Take U To Da Movies”

Break Yo TV

Australia is the greatest country/continent on the earth. Then again, I’d say that about any country/continent where a young Sudanese immigrant who barely speaks English can rise to instant fame with a terrible song about absolutely nothing all over beats provided by a cheap Casio.

These dizzying lyrics and dazzling visuals are all courtesy of “ur boy” Bangs. Bangs is, without a doubt, Australia’s most lethal rhymesayer, which is truly saying something given the amount of great rap that’s coming out of Australia these days. And one thing’s for sure, this kid knows how to work a camera. He’s got a bag full of backgrounds miles deep, and he’s not afraid to use ‘em. From a Lambo with butterfly doors, to a full on map of Africa, highlighting exactly where Sudan is located, to an extremely relevant shot of a roulette wheel, Bangs never ceases to impress in this four minute phenomenon.

And what could possibly be better that one Bangs? Two or three Bangs, that’s what. This tricky devil uses some cunning cinematography  to actually put himself in two to three places at once. And to top it all off, he doesn’t wear the same outfit the entire time. Can you believe that? In fact, he’s rolling in so much dough that he can afford to use three completely different outfits. I’m telling you, this kid’s a stunner.

And that’s just the visuals! Sonically, this kid will win your heart in no time. It’s impossible to fathom just how incredible his rhymes are. And he says them so darn fast, it makes it hard to catch them all. But I’ve done you all a favor and pulled an excerpt out so you can read it rather than try to catch bits and pieces from his signature lightning-paced speed:

“Hey shorty, you’re really looking nice,
let me take you to the movie, ‘cause I know you like.
You got nothing to worry about, Hold the popcorn and the drink,
let me pay the money so we can get in,
now hold my hand and take a step through the door,
be careful, don’t fall. Let’s sit on those two chairs, alone,
watching a movie so we can see what’s going on.
If you don’t like to watch, you can lean on my chest, take a rest, do your best.”

Lil’ Wayne look out. By the time you get out of prison you might have some fierce competition from down under:


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