Devo announce the results of Devo Song Study, Something For Everybody tracklist

It’s been a slow march to get to the eve of the release of Devo‘s new album, Something For Everybody. And that has nothing to do with the 20-year wait between this and the last album. It’s been a lot of waiting and speculation and mostly nothing of substance; then, like magic, the Devo Song Study. In a revolutionary decision, the band left the final tracklist in the hands of the fans.  Now, the results are in and we’re one step closer to the album’s June 15th release.

Each of the announcements (or “communiques”) was put out by Devo, Inc., dressing up the whole ordeal of the clearly off-kilter band’s artsy image in the guise of a slick, corporate image. This time around, the band treated fans to an impressive press conference and interview with “COO of Devo Inc.” Greg Scholl and “Jacob,” Devo’s Scandanavian “Focus Group Facilitator and Research Analyst”. Then it was time to hear the tracklist straight from the mouth of Devo co-founders Gerald Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh, albeit while they read it from “right here on the back of this stuffed wallaby.” Glad they didn’t go completely corporate.

Enjoy video of the press conference below. The tracklist is there, too. In case you were wondering, the tracks that didn’t make it include “Cameo”, “No Place Like Home”, “March On”, and “Knock Boots”.

Something For Everybody is out June 15th via Warner Bros. Records.

Something For Everybody Tracklist:
01. Watch Us Work It
02. Fresh
03. Sumthin’
04. Don’t Shoot, I’m A Man
05. Step Up
06. Signal Ready
07. What We Do
08. Please Baby Please
09. Let’s Get To It
10. Mind Games
11. Later is Now
12. Human Rocket


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