Did Kelly Clarkson rip off Arcade Fire?

“For shame Kelly Clarkson! The exact same chord progressions as Rebellion (Lies).”

— Joel of Joel’s Arcade Fire Blog points out the noticeable similarities between Arcade Fire’s “Rebellion (Lies)” and Kelly Clarkson’s new song “Naked Eye”. Our friends TwentyFourBit and Pedestrian seem to agree. I’m thinking it’s about time Mr. Butler and co. call up Joe Satriani, Cat Stevens, and/or Sammie Lee Smith for advice. Ms. Clarkson, on the other hand, might want to just stick to covering songs, rather than copying ’em.

Check out the differences for yourself below. Update: Clarkson’s label has taken down the YouTube stream of the song. However, you can still hear the it over at Idolator.


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