Film School produces new LP


Film School released its debut LP, Brilliant Career, nearly a decade ago. And the initial line-up of Greg Bertens, Kyle Statham (Fuck), Scott Kannberg (Pavement), and Mauri Skinfill (Glitter Mini 9) was more than capable of cultivating such a career. However, the band’s journey has been impeded with multiple roadblocks: a revolving-door of musicians, stolen equipment, and a fractured relationship with now defunct Beggers Banquet records.

As the lone stalwart of Film School’s original line-up, singer Greg Bertens continues to refine his ability to write and produce accessible nu-shoegaze tracks. The 12-tracks contained on the upcoming release Fission explore a clearer, more vocally driven path. While maintaining his role as producer, Bertens took a backseat during the recording process, providing bassist Lorelei Plotczyk and keyboardist Jason Ruck the leeway to pen a much different, increasingly dynamic, album. The tracks, listed below, range from electro-pop dancefloor burners to distortion-heavy duets. While sonically diverse, songs like “When I’m Yours” and “Bones” have the ability to become mood-setting anthems.

Fission is set for a July 20th release date via FFO Records.  Film School promise a tour, but no dates or cities have currently been released.

Fission Tracklist:
01. Heart Full of Pentagons
02. When I’m Yours
03. Time to Listen
04. Waited
05. Meet Around 10
06. Direct
07. Still Might
08. Distant Life
09. Sunny Day
10. Bones
11. Nothing’s Mine
12. Find You Out