Methods of Mayhem sets release date for comeback

Flashback: The year is 1999. The world is on the brink of collapse due to the Y2K bug. I begin my senior year of high school. Cinema has perhaps it’s best ever year with Fight Club, Being John Malkovich, Magnolia, American Beauty, The Matrix, The Sixth Sense, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Eyes Wide Shut, The Blair Witch Project, The Virgin Suicides, Boys Don’t Cry, Ghost Dog, Office Space, Three Kings, Run Lola Run and on and on (I know this isn’t a movie site, but seriously this is a remarkable list of adventurous films, whether or not you liked the movies). And what is America listening to in the year that saw such artistic achievements? Methods of f*%#ing Mayhem.

But the real question might be: Why did it take so long for the follow-up? Well, my high school football team will be happy to know that Tommy Lee is reviving the project, using the knowledge gained from his academic TV show and the notoriety gained by a pornographic film. But, Methods of Mayhem managed to go gold in ’99, so there has to still be a market for this. I mean, look how well Limp Bizkit is doing.

Titled A Public Disservice (never a better name for an album ever), this is the record that features the gimmick of Tommy Lee collaborating with people like you and me. Well, maybe not you and me. Maybe more like your thirteen year old brother and the heshers who hang out outside the Taco Bell. I’ll let the press release handle it from here:

“Tommy Lee and his team, including producer Scott Humphrey, singer-guitarist J3 and others, wrote and recorded the songs for the new album, then made the core components of each  available for download on to anyone who wished to add their playing or otherwise re-interpret the music however they saw fit. Lee listened to every single submission that was uploaded, chose the best, and integrated the actual audio tracks into the album’s final cuts.  Every single musician whose part was used is credited and thanked on the album.”

So, yeah, I guess if you weren’t a little curious, you’d be a robot. Dude! Next Methods of Mayhem album idea: robots…it’s genius.

Update: The album is due for release on September 21st via Roadrunner Records.

A Public Disservice Tracklist:
01.  Drunk Uncle Pete
02.  Time Bomb
03.  Louder
04.  Fight Song
05.  Blame
06.  Two Ways
07.  Talk Me Off The Ledge
08.  Only One
09.  All I Wanna Do
10.  Back To Before
11.  Party Instructions


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