N.W.A. comes straight into theaters!

Biopics about musicians are a tricky endeavor. While you can have a pretty intriguing decision like Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison in The Doors, some artists leave you with material that can only be shaped by pure fantasy (Sid and Nancy, anyone?) So, that being said, we’re here to tell you, with bated breath of course, about the latest musical force making their way to the big screen: N.W.A.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Straight Outta Compton is currently in development for New Line. While we don’t have much in the way of director or a cast listing, the film does have a writer attached: Andrea Berlof. The white lady attached to a project about a bunch of inner-city thugs is most famous for writing Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center. Plus, expect Ice Cube and business partner Matt Alvzarez to produce via their Cube Vision company along with Easy-E’s widow, Tomica Woods.

But even without a whole lot of info, the N.W.A. saga is ripe with juicy bits of drama. The group, headed predominantly by Dr. Dre and Easy-E while heavily featuring Cube, struck a massive chord with their anti-police message. Their subsequent break-up lead to huge solo careers for Cube and Dre, while Easy-E died in 1995 due to complications from AIDS. Couple all that with charges of anti-Semitism and royalty disputes, and you’ve got one heck of a well of source material.

More details on the film as they’re announced.


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