Thieves Like Us to expand sound on new album

The Swedish/American electronic band, demanding Daft Punk and New Order comparisons, Thieves Like Us, is bringing us a new album. The band’s sophomore effort, Again and Again, comes to us July 6th via Shelflife Records.

The LP will explore a range of themes both musical and lyrical — Thieves Like Us dabble in downtempo ballads, as well as upbeat club bangers, over which they offer their take on the ever-reliable topics of love, the lack thereof, and alcoholism. And despite the honor that must come with being compared to Daft Punk (especially after recording this album in a Paris basement), the band has a wide enough range of material on this album to warrant Cocteau Twins comparisons, as well.

Shelflife Records has an mp3 of album opener “Never Known Love” up for download, which you can nab below. You might also do yourself a favor and check the free EP Forget Me Not, which features seven versions of Again and Again‘s closing ballad of the same name, also available on Shelflife’s website. The tracklist for the LP is available below.

Check Out:
“Never Known Love”

Again and Again Tracklist:
01. Never Known Love
02. Shyness
03. Mercy
04. One Night With You
05. Silence
06. Lover Lover
07. Love Saves
08. The Walk
09. So Clear
10. Forget Me Not


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