Watch: Jay-Z thrills SNL


    It’s exactly what an SNL reunion show should be: something old, something new, Jay-Z flippin’ shit off The Black Album, and Betty White going blue.

    Good vibes and nostalgia abounded into the morning as Betty White won the trooper of the year award, fulfilling a grassroots campaign to get ol’ Rose hosting SNL. Ms. White was graceful, confident yet self-effacing, and loved her some cuss words, as she played the token foul-mouth character for damn near every sketch. Betty White says, “mother-fucker”, other characters act shocked and nonplused, we laugh. Delightful.

    As I waited for Hov to come on, I made a little betting pool in my head with regards to what track he would play first. I tell you, sometimes it pays to play the exotics because the opening piano notes to “Public Service Announcement” came in first. When was the last time a musical guest back-catalogued on SNL? Hey, I’m not complaining. The supporting band kept it on the good foot for “PSA” and throughout the medley. Yup, you read that right. Medley. 8 whole min worth With special guests and all.Check it out below. Suffice it to say, this showcases Jay at his finest: superior flow, diverse production, charismatic performance, and top notch entertainment value. B.R.A candidate to be sure.

    So, if you’re Jay, how do you follow up a mix-tape of greatest hits? Apparently with the first verse of “Young Forever” feat. Mr. Hudson clocking in at just over 2 min worth of a song. I’ll let you all figure this one out in the comments. The one redeeming quality rests in the final seconds, as Hov dedicates the tune to Ms. White. If you don’t at least grin at that, I feel sorry for you.


    Sadly, no White/Z sketch made it to the final cut, but, speaking of dedications, there was this little gem.

    Jay-Z headlines Isle of Wight Festival June 11th, then heads back to America to headline Bonnaroo the next day.


    “Young Forever”

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