Amanda Palmer details Radiohead EP

After hinting at it last month, Amanda Palmer has finally decided to make the most out of all those YouTube covers and release her very own Radiohead covers EP.

Due for release on July 17th, the aptly titled Amanda Palmer Plays the Popular Hits of Radiohead on Her Magical Ukulele is exactly what you think it is: Amanda Palmer playing some of the UK outfit’s most notable songs — “Idioteque”, “Creep”, “No Surprises”, “High and Dry”, and “Fake Plastic Trees” — on her Ukulele. (There will also be a bonus version of “Exit Music (For a Film)” for piano and string quartet that was recorded live at The Sydney Opera House with Australian arranger Lyndon Chester on violin and San Francisco’s famed loop-tech-goddess Zoë Keating on cello.)

Unlike more recent Radiohead efforts, however, Palmer will be seeking money in exchange for her release. But it won’t be to pocket. Instead, Palmer will be asking for a donation of at least 84¢ for a digital copy of the effort, 54¢ of which will go directly back into Radiohead’s pockets for the legal use of their songs (with the remaining 30¢ going to PayPal to cover the transaction fee). According to an issued press release, Palmer is hoping that this EP will be a good education for music fans about how cover songs “work” and how artists pay for their usage.

A special vinyl edition (limited to 1,000 copies) will also be available and sports some special extras, including ukuleles hand-painted by Amanda (inspired by the various songs she’s covered), as well as a personal phone call from Amanda, during which she’ll take Radiohead cover requests.

All configurations will be available starting July 17th via The release will be accompanied by a Special Luau Webcast (time TBD) during which Palmer hopes to lead a tiki-lit limbo contest.

Meanwhile, Palmer continues to tour with Evelyn Evelyn — her theatrical side-project with Seattle songwriter Jason Webley. Find upcoming tour dates for that here.


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