Black Star deny Bay Area Show despite promoters' confirmation

While there was a collective sigh of disappointment when Black Star was not included on the recently announced Outside Lands lineup, some good news does look to be coming for Bay Area hip-hop fans. According to listings found on the Fox Theater in Oakland’s website, promoter Another Planet Entertainment’s website, and Ticketmaster, the hip-hop group featuring Talib Kweli and Mos Def is booked for the Fox on July 31st, with veteran hip-hop group Zion-I opening.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to fly with Kweli. Yesterday, the Twitter account  RealTalibKweli posted, “Uh, no I don’t know abt this..” in response to inquiries about the show. Later that day, the same account posted “Promoters getting reckless. I will not be hosting anything at Conga Room LA Friday and there’s no Black Star show in Oakland July 31s” and “No black star show in Hawaii either. Hey promoters I’m in Black Star. You have to ask me first. And I have to say yes.”

Promoter Another Planer Entertainment was contacted by CoS and two representatives confirmed the shows, with one saying that “he (Kweli) signed a contract and tickets go on sale Sunday.” They were unaware of this Twittering and seemed confident that the show is happening, so take it for what it is. Regardless, we’ll have more updates on the situation as they’re revealed.


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