Blur members don't hate each other anymore

Whether they did it just for the money or not, Damon Albarn and his fellow Blur members have come away from last year’s reunion shows with more than cash. In an interview with the BBC Radio Times (via Spinner), Albarn implied the concert series was as much a reconnection as a reconciliation.

He said that last summer’s reunion after seven years “healed a very deep wound for all four of us” — that is, Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James, and Dave Rowntree. Blur went on hiatus after Coxon left just before the release of 2003’s Think Tank.

While no portion of that deep wound was healed on the west side of the Atlantic, there is every possibility Blur could come back together in the future and at least do a proper world tour. Coxon never even wanted it to stop. Albarn told the Radio Times the band received a “brilliant reception” last summer, but added, “that’s that for the moment.”

Outside of their Record Store Day single, all has been quiet on the Blur front in 2010. Albarn, as you know, is busy not making operas and touring internationally with another band for now.


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