British Sea Power and Brakes team up for World Cup anthem

Like most of the world, members of the UK outfits British Sea Power and Brakes appear more focused on the currently ongoing World Cup than anything else, including the recording of a studio album. Ok, so I don’t know that four sure, but I know that British Sea Power guitarist Martin Noble and Brakes bassist Marc Beatty and frontman Eamon Hamilton are avid football/soccer fans and recently took some time to follow in the footsteps of Rivers Cuomo and Dizzee Rascal and record their very own World Cup anthem.

The track, which is titled “Football (Kick It In The Goal)” and said to take inspiration from from a calypso song written to commemorate the opening of the Maurice Bishop International Airport in Grenada, features Noble, Beatty, and Hamilton teamed up with The Modern Ovens’ Darren Moon and Matt Eaton. Under the moniker The Benchwarmers, the collaborative have released the song as a free digital download on British Sea Power’s website.

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“Football (Kick It In The Goal)”


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