Check Out: Battles contribute “The Line” to the Twilight Soundtrack

In 2007, Battles released Mirrored, an album so good we named it one of the best of the decade. The group played a ton of shows, blew a ton of minds, and made a splash to the extent that a tempo-shifting math-rock band can. Since then they’ve stayed out of sight, releasing not so much as a single. Until now. The polyrhythmic quartet is back with “The Line”, and this Twilight: Eclipse bonus track is just as funky-weird as you’d expect.

The song starts out surprisingly mellow, featuring a quiet bass riff and some actually audible lyrics (a rarity for these guys). If you think they’ve lost their edge though, wait a minute. The tame chanting soon explodes into furious drumming and a sinister synth attack.

The tune has been relegated to the Twilight soundtrack’s deluxe edition, making you wonder if the producers decided it was too strange for pre-teen movie fans. Well anyone with the basic album is missing out. Listen to it over at OneThirtyBPM.

In more exciting Battles news, the band has finally announced a sophomore album, due later this year. Welcome back, guys. Please don’t leave us so long again.


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